Soooo what's been going on? I stepped on a stingray two days ago which is MAYBE contributing to me spending too much time poking around the internet while I'm cooped up in bed waiting for the puncture to recover. Did you know the hospital has a special STINGRAY BUCKET? I certainly didn't. The sting is EXTREMELY PAINFUL, but the cure is just very hot water. You soak the wound for a couple hours and the heat deactivates the venom. Totally wild.

@lubellwoo Oh dang Lucy! Hopefully you start feeling better soon.

@lubellwoo Whoa! Hopefully you're fully healed up soon.

@lubellwoo ups get well Ron and all the best. The stingray bucket just looks like a normal bucket though. I think there is glitter missing

@rubah Gosh, me too. It was totally bizarre to feel the pain ebb and flow according to the water temperature while we were waiting for it to clear.

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