Tried out a few Retr0bright techniques and the sous-vide method seems to work best.

Retro tech is so expensive now. 10 years ago I couldn’t sell it for one tenth the price it’s going for now.

Don't think of it as being $400 poorer, think of it as exchanging $400 for something that should give you at least $400 worth of use and joy. And that depreciates.

Ordered a 44mm Silver Aluminum Series 4 GPS Watch.

Since I’m still up I guess I’ll buy that shiny new Apple Watch.

Eating in K-Town after getting off the plane past midnight: pretty cool.

I like to think of the new iPhone model name as short for INXS Max Headroom.

I went to the Museum of Flight and while inside the 787, I felt an urge to fly far, far away, to someplace like Japan.

Taking a couple days to rest in Seattle.

Chillin in a Scottish pub reading Willamette Weekly & looking up stuff on my phone.

XOXO this year felt like the right balance between meeting new people and catching up with friends. But I also felt like I missed many more people.

Just a reminder that XOXO and Rose City Comic Con are happening in the same city on the same weekend.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese... is something I just googled.

Macaroons and Cheese is something my brain whipped up at 3 am.

Looking for the electric bus on the M42 line in NYC.

Using this long weekend to get some home improvement and cleanup around the house done.

Hi everyone! I just migrated from So all my old toots and followers and stuff are still on the old instance.


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