Petition to end Article 13 amasses more signatures than any other petition in history. Good! Online digital libraries/archives, fair use, and open discourse are threatened by this anti-commons mess.

Many animals like deer and rams have competitive males who headbutt each other with horns or antlers to seek dominance. Usually the horns are blunt-ended or curved backwards. One would think it would be more effective if the horns were pointed forward--then a male could eliminate its competition completely. However, for herd animals, it is actually not beneficial for the male population to be cut in half every year.

This is why there are no unicorns, because they go extinct very quickly

A ghost who lives in your house but all they do is rearrange your fridge magnets to spell out self care and helpful messages

#crafting #wool #spinning #homesteading

(Boosts appreciated)

Does anyone spin? I have a ball of wool (unknown origin), a pair of 8" combs, and a couple drop spindles. I would love to see them go to a good home where they will be used, since I never got to learn how to do it.

Cover shipping and promise to tell me how it spins, and it's yours.

I took a big break from social media but something drew me back in today.... All the new improvements are really exciting! Thanks for the upkeep, @annika !!

Someone just informed me that you can attach gifs to trello tasks and now my October board looks like this....

I posted a goat photo earlier today and someone said he was a weird looking cat so here’s three more weird cats.

my name is cow
and i am gone
from twitter swytched
to mastodon
some thyme we tayke
to cleare our heds
write dialogues
discuss the bred

I was outside the path of totality for the solar eclipse that took place a year ago today, so I made do with taking photos of the partial eclipse. Thought some of you might like to see them (again).

Equipment: a Nikon D7100 connected to a 5" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at prime focus with an f/6.3 focal reducer and a visual solar filter.

I am first & foremost a perpetual student always working on learning something new even in my old hobbies. My day is #science and #teaching. I enjoy #knitting, and #spinning. I also enjoy #reading and #photography but don’t do either as much as I’d like. I’m re-teaching myself to sew (#sewing). Currently my favourite podcast is the #BrainScience podcast. It’s not anywhere near the field I studied but it’s fascinating.

Post an #introduction with hashtags for your interests to help people find you! Hashtags are searchable; the text of other people's toots is not.

I am a #knitting #designer who designs stitch patterns that are kind of secret code/steganography, though not really practical as actual code.

I do/have done other #FiberArts #FibreArts #textiles work: #tatting, #crochet, #nalbinding, #weaving, #spinning, #BobbinLace, and probably other things too. I like looking at it all!


I bought this candy only because I can't resist a good, bilingual pun. The French says, "Frank says to you hey, baie-baie" where "baie-baie" means" berry berry" but is pronounced like "baby".

I'm a slave to clever marketing.


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