Lessons learned: don't put expensive powerbanks in your checked luggage.

@annika they opened my suitcase and "destroyed" it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@map they are not allowed in the cargo section. Sorry for you, but that rule is not to be discussed...
When they get inflamed in the cabin they can burn open and don't put the plane in fire...

@vilbi @map Well I mean, I'm glad we're discussing it, because now I know not to do it. And he did say "lesson learned"

@annika true. I was also resorting my electronic stuff and Batteries and powerbanks at the checkin last time when I saw the instructions behind the counter... @map

@map lithium batteries aren't allowed in luggage. Carry-on is fine though. I assume they removed it from you luggage?

@charlesrandall jup. I feel like that is a change? Used to be no issue afair.

@map it's been law for at least ten years at this point IIRC. It's just that... until the past few years "Li-ON battery" meant laptop and no one put those in luggage.

@map Jau. Und spätestens seit den explodierenden Galaxy Note 7 wird das auch recht streng enforced.

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