Another night, another late shift in the mac app store mines. fingers crossed for no rejections this time!

@map Lemme know if you need testing help or anything. 👏

@d thanks! right now I'm just running into small rejection stuff because of missing tidbits (relatively) new to the submission process. It's just a shame this happens when a) on vacation and b) before I leave for camping tomorrow.

@map just got the update, thanks for your work! Btw, any new expansion in the works? Would like to throw some money to you! 😄

@tlo working on it! (After the vacation ;) )

@map Habe gerade „unterstützt neue iPhones“ bei Carcassonne gelesen - Du warst wohl erfolgreich :)
Ich mache mich dann jetzt mal auf den Weg nach YVR - Banff schaffe ich aber leider nicht

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