@tootapp are you aware that CWs don't work right now? Just tried to toot with one but the CW got posted as a reply to my own toot instead.

@map @tootapp Works for me. Strange. The „append toot“ (or whatever it was called) field is gone, however.

@KelloggsFrost @tootapp I might have mixed up the add toot and the cw text field...

@map @tootapp And I just learned that the add toot text field only appears when having written in the toot text field. Major pebkac

@map @KelloggsFrost @tootapp I've mixed the two fields up a number of times. I'd really like if they were visually different. CW already has very distinctive styling in the timeline, why not add that bar above the field for example?

@lastfuture @map @KelloggsFrost Already did, but I guess I didn't release that version yet?

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