A lot of people I was excited to see here seem to have returned to Twitter. 😥

Maybe I should run my own server that mirrors selected Twitter accounts for me privately on Mastodon.

@andrej @map Since I left twitter I follow my favourite accounts via rss-feed.

@map I was thinking about something like that to. Just mirror some twitter accounts. Don't know about the implications though… are there public twitter mirrors that are not run by their owners?

@monkeydom just learnt about For less public accounts I'd make protected mirror accounts.

@map Have thought about that as well. The Twitter API access seemed to be the biggest hurdle.

@map I've noticed a drop off in posting from some people as well. I'm still straddling both sides though, but I do eventually want to land on Mastodon.

@map Don't give up! I personally keep going back and forth a bit.

@map I’ve been bad for that lately, I’ve been thinking that myself

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