Here's a problem I think about once in a while: when pronouncing a Japanese name or brand that is spelled out in Latin characters (e.g. Kalita) should I:
A) Pronounce it (somewhat) like a Japanese person would, looking like a pompous ass in the process
B) Just get on with my life

(Same goes for e.g. English brands in German)

@map I usually aim for most authenticity, i. e. how would people who live there/created it/are it pronounce it. (Though I probably wouldn't say California in a German sentence, indeed)

@map I registered for participating in singing the 'Ode to the joy' and wondered beforehand if I would have to sing in "German, with Japanese accent". Was very surprised that the Japanese native singers aim (and succeed almost always) in singing without accent. As per this: go for the original version whenever you can, don't care what someone else thinks who only knows the crippled version.

@map I think about this from time to time, too, but with Spanish. I think pronouncing words properly (if you can) is the better way to go. Obviously without going over the top, sounding like a caricature or something.

@map Some people will be surprised or annoyed when you say it the authentic way, but I think we should still all try; the one exception is when the authentic pronunciation might not be understandable at all to the listener—then a simple mention turns into a smarmy lecture.

@map attempts at accuracy are always appreciated by the language speaker.

@map i recently learned how to pronounce UNIQLO and I have the same problem now

@map from a communication standpoint I would always choose what I suppose the other person would understand/recognize better if it's a one-on-few conversation. In a podcast I'd probably go for authentic pronunciation, perhaps with a mention of name and link in the show notes.

The only time you'd look like a fool in my eyes would be if you pronounced something english when it's canonically pronounced German, like Gravis for example

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