Other random thoughts: Why do some places in the US have germanized names (e.g. California == Kalifornien) while others don't. What's the history behind that?

@map same question the other way around. Munich or Cologne but Berlin or Hamburg. 🤔

@tsia @map I'd say the Umlauts in Köln and München are responsible. No clue why we write Cali Kali. Maybe so that we do not say Chali?

@twiddern @tsia @map in that case I assume it is because of the city Konstanz that is right next to the lake

@Bobo_PK @tsia @map

Or Lake [Friedrichshafen, Bregenz Romanshorn] what ever ;D

The question about germanized names and reverse is interesting and I guess there also other examples liked the already mentioned one

@map why is Arkansas pronounced "R-kensaw" and Kansas like "Kensas"?
as what is the correct pronounciation of the Arkansas in German?
"Arkansas" oder bleiben wir beim Original?

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