BLE based cat tracking is taking shape. Spot tells me I still have to work on the ergonomics.

@map did the cat consent to getting tracked? GDPR! ;-)

@barning the plan is to track where the cats spend time in the apartment. Triangulation with multiple Raspberry Pi (or maybe even ESP32 based micro controllers). Backend that collects the data, triangulates and uses machine learning to guess the most probable location (I.e. "cat house in living room")

@map is the goal to locate them in the apartment? So in which room they are?

@plaetzchen yes. Room and ideally location within the room (cat bed, couch, etc.)

@map Using triangulation or like beacon „checkins“?

@plaetzchen triangulating the signal and maybe some machine learning on top for guessing the location.

@map I always played around with that idea but my cats would never wear a collar. So I thought about using their chip implants but that require some kind of gateway in the doorways or something.

@plaetzchen yeah I looked into that too. And the equipment is more pricy. Positive reinforcement and patience should work with most cats though.

@map I should but mine are now 5 years with us and they wouldn’t even allow us to lift them, not even thinking of holding them. They were born wild and lived at the shelter for quite some time. Took as year to be able to pet them even slightly. Not sure if I want to do all that training for such a thing

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