Indie developers getting bought by giant corporations always makes me sad.

@map I really worry about the future for small-ish indie game devs. Just read a thread by Jake Birkett (Regency Solitaire, Shadowhand) this morning and he was very pessimistic. If the cloud subscription models and game pass/bundles are the only way for indies to make a living, they will become more and more dependent on major publishers and/or platform holders. I wonder if Double Fine could have continued on their own (esp. after the Starbreeze disaster).

@sturek most likely not. Being a small indie of my size become unsustainable at a very fast pace and DF probably didn't have a lot longer runway. I'm happy for Tim, but sad that being Indie won't be an option in 5 years time.

@map It is very sad. I hope there will be ways of making it tenable again. Independent game devs moved the culture and industry forward in so many ways.

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