As a developer Apple Arcade worries me. A lot. Are players going to pay 5 bucks for your game if they can get 100 for the same price? Time will tell.

@map I think things like this have happened in the past: humblebundle let's you even decide your price, and in appstore (for iphones) and playstore the games for mobiles have also settled at lower prices than before. Still, as of today people value good games (and are willing to pay for their development), from what I see. Although, Arcade is apple universe only. We will see..

@map ..and this comes from a guy who lives of code which everybody can download for free :D

@globalc the issue is that small outfits like mine (or anything remotely "indie") now depend on getting into Arcade if they want to make any profit at all. Play Store income is dismal at best, and App Store (Not Arcade) probably will now be the same. Time to look for other ways to earn money, I guess. ;)

@map I was so far judging based on the low quality things I had seen as examples for arcade, the things released yesterday look like better quality. If apple manage to get a high level at that price, that might be a danger for indie titles indeed..

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