A short story that is peak-me: Having been to Japan, I miss having 21st century toilet technology. So I’m thinking bout buying a Toto washlet. Toto even has a “washlet finder” on their website that let’s you look up toilets you can test. Most of those are in speciality shops and

that kind of feels weird to me, but on Christmas I noticed there’s a café franchise from Kyoto that had a shop 5 minutes from where I work and had a Toto GL 2.0 in their public restroom accoring to the washlet finder.

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So I hatched the plan to check out the shop (and their restroom) in the new year. Fast forward to me yesterday, realising the café closed for good on New Years eve according to Google Maps.

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Of course I had to make sure that’s actually accurate, so I now have stopped by twice, longingly gazing through closed glass doors, not for the (probably delicious) coffee, but to the back, thinking about the lonely washlet and what will happen to it now.

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