TFW you have an idea for an app, see that someone made a react native thing that doesn't really do what you want and then spent your Sunday afternoon working on a design for your dream app that you will have to code yourself. 😔

(It's a video player for iOS that shows Japanese subtitles with reading help and word lookup on tap)

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Update: Making progress. (Uses mecab to tokenize and lemmatize.)

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First prototype that works with real videos and subtitles. Furigana are also working. \o/

Had to replace the system dictionary (too slow) and wrote my own control overlay (so interacting with subtitles works with player controls). Also added a second subtitle (supertitle).

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Added „pause after subtitle“ and „loop subtitle“ options, also voice synthesizing words you look up now. (I might do that whole vacation thing wrong by just working on a different app, I guess)

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