Having a hard time understanding what exactly that means.

Just to make sure: Anybody out there with actual checks in their log originating from the german Corona Warn App? (Settings/Privacy/Health/Covid-19/Exposure Checks)

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So I guess the check log doesn’t show activity if there are no keys to check against? If so: Highly confusing and abysmal UX.

@map it's clear to me that it is a list of attempts to acces the exposure log. Is that not what it actually is? Am I missing your point?

@map as far as I'm aware there are no confirmed infections among users of the app yet so it would make sense that the list is empty

@lastfuture checks against an empty list are checks. Not displaying them is confusing and undermines trust in the function of the App.

@map the web API against which the App checks for infections returns an empty array, so right now there hasn't been the need to perform this check you speak of by any App. What am I missing?

@lastfuture Okay, imagine being a user that opens this screen seeing that the App „has checked 0 times in the last 24h“, then going to the log and seeing not checks have occurred at all. That communicates „this app is not doing anything“.

@map OK I see what you mean now. I agree that there could be more of an explanation there but I respectfully disagree that this is going to be much of a problem for the people curious enough to drill down into this part of the UI

@map @lastfuture ditto, and there’s more than one issue about this on github

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