A short rant about Corona Warn Apps and their abysmal UX.

How is this in any way useful to anybody? This information is not actionable. If I at least got a notice where or when the exposure happened I could adjust my behavior accordingly.

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This is just a „you have been naughty in the last 10? days but most likely nothing happened“. Might be triggered by my neighbors phone through the apartment wall or while eating outside at a restaurant.

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Looking at the raw data I can’t even find the key match event. Maybe it’s even a bug? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Just checked again and the raw data has zero key matches. So the App isn’t even correctly showing what is is supposed to show. 🙄

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@map While I agree that the UX could use some improvement, you're seeing the tool and its messaging as something that it actually isn't:
The CWA is not intended to nudge you into a certain behaviour (apart from real risk warnings). It's not supposed to to tell you where you need to keep a larger distance.

Maybe it is a bad decision to still show the low-risk exposure, because it doesn't have anything to do with "being naughty". Could've been an encounter out on the street with 10m distance.

@map after listening to several interviews about the app I was also under the impression that the low/medium/high traffic light system was supposed to be intentionally coarse to not alarm people with stats that aren't actionable. Showing low risk with 1 exposure really undermines that concept.

@map ask any bavarian school kid what the app is good for – it'll tell you the app is the best of all. It made 📱 legal in school.

@map I’ve had the same thing, along with a notification from the exposure tracking thingie in the OS (and not from the app). Called Gesundheitsamt etc. and they said as long as everything’s green and you have no symptoms, there’s no need to worry.

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