@map "you can't trade or sell them" isn't usually a selling point

when you put it that way, wouldn't making them NFTs be an improvement?
idk what sony is doing but in their own words "it's definitely not NFTs. Definitely not"
@fluffy @map "you don't own it and can't trade it, but it's not NFT so please buy"
>So we can all get in on the ground floor of the ICO?
there is no ICO you're inside a proprietary software

So they've basically just created proprietary NFTs? Or just installed DRM on a load of image files?

@map They're both extremely popular and unpopular, just in different groups.
@Moon @map i don't even like nfts, but how on earth is "you can't trade or sell them" a way to market this trash?

@map This is comedy gold. I bet a few months ago it definitely was NFTs.

@Lucseleventje @map At first I skimmed through the text, but I had to do a double check after reading the quote because it sounds like something out of The Onion. In the space of four short sentences there are three "definitely not (NFT)" :) .

@map remind us about the difference between an NFT and another crypto token?

@map Urgh, I wish people understood blockchain or the tech better. It's a bit funny how the last story I read was about folks being scammed while using the "decentralized" blockchain to create a centralized bank that took all the people's money. Just go to your local bank... that's just silly.

@map It's refreshing to see a megacorp not buying a car on the hype train for once (at least in this instance)

@map "This 'It's Definitely Not NFTs' t-shirt I'm wearing is making people ask me a lot of questions already answered by the shirt"

@map Never found any value out of NFTs. It's a shame they faded away from their original intention.

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