In German, there is a derogatory word for non-scripted podcasts that are usually mostly men talking about their interests: "Labercast", i.e. babble-cast.

Anyway, I used to think the art form has thankfully reached its zenith and is in decline in favor of better formats and higher production values. Turns out I'm dead wrong and labercasts get HBO shows now. ;)

Super happy about my new desktop image. It's a photo of my cat's fur. It's very on brand for me.

These two had an exhausting day, getting Nemo's cough checked out at the vet. So far no clear diagnose but we are hoping for antibiotics to do their thing.

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While is still working on an iPhone XS Max case, I gobbled together a temporary one. 3D printed the lens adapter and used Sugru to mount it to a case.

I'm on a train driving through a giant Bob Ross painting, eating delicious food every few hours. It's like an utopian Snow Piercer. I hate that this journey has to end eventually.

Vacation pro tip: Get yourself a quality cat sitter that sends cat pictures daily!

Hanging out in Toronto and being very happy about having accommodations right in China Town. Fruit Sando and Kinako Latte!

The Kakigori place now serves fresh (still warm) Taiyaki and I'm so happy.

Getting ready for vacation means one important thing: Installing a cat cam.

Love my title card in the credits of the Desert Bus behind the scenes video. Thanks Ben! 😄

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