I think I actually like this better than JetBrains Mono…

Hmm. Why is the enby voice option a “novelty”?

Dug out an 8-year old concept by a company trying to sell speed reading. Looks like the science doesn't quite add up on their claims, but it's a nice way to read text on really small screens, imo.

Sometimes being able to design and print objects feels like a super power.

Feeling increasingly estranged by parts of my social bubble deciding that the pandemic is over at its absolute high point.

Added a wireless friend to the mix. Finally polishing up my solder skills a bit.

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It's a good game. (Probably will continue playing to pick all the flowers and find a few more flags and artifacts)

My morning so far:
- Read new Omicron neutralization study
- Tried to check spread of variant in Germany
- Found out latest published figures are from three weeks ago.

First printed part I designed from scratch: a cover for the power cables above the bathroom mirror.

Oh great. Brave is pushing crÿpto? Burn it all down.

Desert Bus now running smoothly thanks to new co-producer.

As I currently set up my producer studio for @DesertBus ’s Dawn Guard shift, here’s a little complication I made to help me keep track of shifts. (Needs latest watchOS). TestFlight link, in case you want it: testflight.apple.com/join/9doo

3D printing really shines if you have a lot of crap in boxes you hord just in case you "need" a go pro mount screw or something ever again.

Facebook has already rebranded in Germany, I guess.

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