Virtual company xmas dinner, powered by OBS and Elgato Streamdeck. 2020 AF.

Today’s adventure in late stage capitalism:“Used” PS5s popped up this morning for 10 minutes. Could not be placed in the cart however...

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My friends: So what exactly is this @DesertBus thing?

Me: ...

This thing has more moving parts than an actual bus, but after a rough start it’s finally on the road. Fingers crossed for a smooth tomorrow.

TFW you watch @DesertBus hoping for the cloud emulation of a Sega Genesis you haphazardly hacked together to do what it is supposed to.

Finally had a few minutes to make my Corona Warning Lights („Ampel“) @scriptableapp widget for Berlin pretty.

Me: *grinding coffee in the morning*
Apple Watch:

It took me five tries to parse this headline without thinking about 80ies cartoons.

I love @scriptableapp. Writing a quick widget on your phone is really nice.

I really tried to like this trainwreck, but it’s just beyond redemption. Was this tested with anything but perfect internet reception at all?

I started logging when I wake up at night and press play on my falling-asleep podcast. It’s way better than any sleep analysis app I’ve used. (Also: I wish I’d sleep better.)

Sending a form with 7 strings, 3 booleans and a geo location takes 44 HTTP POST requests.

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