Blacksmithing: surprisingly fun and satisfying. 8/10 Stars.

The problem with teaching your cat to press buttons.

I know it looks ridiculous, but I love my wearable Google TV setup. Doing chores while watching stuff ftw.

Turns out Japanese YouTube tech channels work really well for me in terms of immersion.

I guess @Miele_Press is trying really hard to get "canceled". (Aka generating a lot of press with abhorrent shit and getting out on top).

In the latest of late stage capitalisms, Instagram is trying to sell us a $280 plastic box for prepping. (Just the box, no actual prepping stuff included)

We are approaching a state of late capitalism where we are not far away from unironically building the High-Rise from the eponymous novel.

Reading everywhere how "mild" Covid has become and that most people barely notice an infection. Haha. Lol. No.

Hey @AppleTVPlus, @forallmankind_ ! Greetings from Berling.

My portable CO₂ meter is also coming along nicely.

I settled into a nice "design and print one useful thing per weekend" routing lately. This week: A quick and dirty adapter for my cheap USB microscope so I can put it on a gooseneck and use it to solder smd components.

So "gamers" now are upset that the sword master is a black woman in Return to Monkey Island, because she was a ... checks notes ... black woman in the first part? Something something cultural marxism?

Almost looks like I know what I'm doing. (I'm not. And I don't have enough breadboards for these chonkers.)

Upgraded the fish tank to report temperature via LoraWan->TTN->MQTT->Telegraf->Influx. No such thing as over-engineering. 😅

It’s been a while since an app I work on has been featured in a keynote. Feels good.

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