Having a hard time understanding what exactly that means.

I hope App developer will stop calling everything Rocket before my menu bar looks like a Star Citizen dock.

I fear I have become one of those nerds that has options on mechanical keyboards and firmwares thereof. 😱

These days I’m pressing the report tweet button even more than usually (because of obvious reasons).
It’s a colossal embarrassment that these are the only kinds of abuses and harm @jack’s company is interested in.

Finally decided on a name for my sourdough starter. Michael Bubbly.

I love looking at the different Covid Tracing Apps that pop up. Bonus points for France for having a dedicated gitlab instance. However we have to discuss git best pratices in terms of commiting code…

Loving how easy it has become to write standalone Apple Watch apps.

In my experience, icon design quality is strongly correlated with ui/ux design quality.

Things I do to relax: Forking open source apps to display hyper-local Covid-19 data.

Added „pause after subtitle“ and „loop subtitle“ options, also voice synthesizing words you look up now. (I might do that whole vacation thing wrong by just working on a different app, I guess)

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Had to replace the system dictionary (too slow) and wrote my own control overlay (so interacting with subtitles works with player controls). Also added a second subtitle (supertitle).

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The 42nd day of home office. It's now an actual quarantine I guess.

Here's a leak of this year's WWDC live stream:

First prototype that works with real videos and subtitles. Furigana are also working. \o/

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Update: Making progress. (Uses mecab to tokenize and lemmatize.)

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