I really tried to like this trainwreck, but it’s just beyond redemption. Was this tested with anything but perfect internet reception at all?

I started logging when I wake up at night and press play on my falling-asleep podcast. It’s way better than any sleep analysis app I’ve used. (Also: I wish I’d sleep better.)

Sending a form with 7 strings, 3 booleans and a geo location takes 44 HTTP POST requests.

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Really happy with my work in progress iOS 14 Home Screen. Smart Stack on top (doubles as pip area), 2 rows of Siri app suggestions below and absolute essential apps below that.

Less janky by adding a bit of acrylic. Total cost: three bucks. 🎉🎉🎉

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More janky fish tank hacking: The CPU cooler I found out on the curb cools 180l of water by about two thirds of a degree centigrade per hour.

Covid-19 software infrastructure seems to work really well. 🧐

DS18B20 + ESP32 + InfluxDB + Grafana = Happy fish

Had a stupid idea. Turns out it's actually a valid way to do stream, probably.

Having a hard time understanding what exactly that means.

I hope App developer will stop calling everything Rocket before my menu bar looks like a Star Citizen dock.

I fear I have become one of those nerds that has options on mechanical keyboards and firmwares thereof. 😱

These days I’m pressing the report tweet button even more than usually (because of obvious reasons).
It’s a colossal embarrassment that these are the only kinds of abuses and harm @jack’s company is interested in.

Finally decided on a name for my sourdough starter. Michael Bubbly.

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