This little boy has been sick last week and needed to be fed with a syringe because he wouldn't eat. It took three visits to the vet, but a shot of antibiotics later he's recovering well and seems to be back to his old self. So happy.

This is probably the weirdest item to check off on my bucket list. Thanks Melchior!

I’ve got an idea for another deeply weird video. The background is already shaping up quite nicely.

That works better than anybody could have expected. Now to the hard part.

When you spend you friday like this because of a really dumb idea you had.

I have encountered the term “groiled cheese sandwich” in modded Minecraft, and wondering if that’s even a thing only turned up one result in urban dictionary claiming it is Icelandic cooking technique. Can anybody confirm? (Cc

E.g. the critique that Kondō somehow advocates for women being perfect home makers somehow clashes with this quote which is literally found in the introduction of the first book:

Hot take: I don't mind the new logo, but boy is that plum background of the iOS logo uuugly.

Stuff like this is probably the only palpable change caused by the GDPR for normal people.

Yesterday I started crying just because I'm so happy about and for these two. 😻😭

Trying out how feasible it is to design your own tsuba and have it printed to steel. Turns out: Very.

(Original artwork by Roy Takagi)

BLE based cat tracking is taking shape. Spot tells me I still have to work on the ergonomics.

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