This is a pretty cool feature for those archiving Twitch VODs on YouTube. Works reasonable well: Speech is narrowbandy, but still audible.

Great. Suddenly obsessed with this thing and learning how to type on it.

Placing an inn in a cemetery - not the best look?!

I guess it's time for a rewatch. (When does June 21th start at Netflix?)

Late night hardware hacking. Why solder when a janky rubber band can hold the firmware flashing connection in place?

speaking via voice segmentation. After that I match for that snippet in the master track via FFT convolution. Then it's just calculating offsets and cutting wav files: Fully automatic double-ender. I'm so happy!

Turns out YouTube supports colored subtitles via an undocumented xml format. Had to make a proof of concept Twitch chat to YT subtitle converter. Works better than expected.

Backporting the important iOS 13 features to iOS 12. ;)

Is this just new language to discourage beta use or is it really as bad as this sounds?

Nothing is more jarring than autoinserted German screamo ads before an English language podcast.

Playing a CrossOver'ed Windows-only game on iOS streamed from a macOS Steam app. What wonderful confusing times we live in.

I love being able to make my own iMessage stickers.

Just in case you escaped the original tweet, here's iPhone Shark for a second, even more annoying time!

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