I love it when reporting TOS violations works and is acted upon swiftly.

New favorite phrase. Translation seems to be a bit embellished tho.

Turns out there wasn’t enough political consensus to even wait for vaccinations.

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The most German thing I heard today: Bavarian pop music radio host hurls racist remarks because he’s upset BTS covers Coldplay.

Finally got one of those. Felt really left out to be to only iOS engineer in Berlin to not get one.

Watching a lot of Valheim streams lately. Should I be worried that I always read this message as "You feel old.”?

Didn’t this used to say “no exposures”? Why change it to this super confusing text?

Just played the next game by @sightwise / @zeitweise and wow. Loved it. Hope y‘all can enjoy it soon. 😻

Really getting annoyed by everyone claiming that Germany is doing a good job or even its best at vaccination.

Also, how perfectly does this part of the Wellerman match up with the global pandemic?

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My Xmas vacation so far? Wrote an autopilot for Desert Bus. (Cloudbus Edition)

I started tracking how often I wake up at night. It’s horrifying.

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