Hot take: I don't mind the new logo, but boy is that plum background of the iOS logo uuugly.

Stuff like this is probably the only palpable change caused by the GDPR for normal people.

Yesterday I started crying just because I'm so happy about and for these two. 😻😭

Trying out how feasible it is to design your own tsuba and have it printed to steel. Turns out: Very.

(Original artwork by Roy Takagi)

Spot is slowly getting used to his little "brother" Melchior.

BLE based cat tracking is taking shape. Spot tells me I still have to work on the ergonomics.

Hey look! An ISO 9001 certified garlic peress. It's a kitchen thing™!

My instagram is a perfect reflection of my self.

The wonderful world of capitalism.

A flying battle cat? Yes please.

MTGA works better in Wine than I expected.

I just learnt about the dog of the finish president and he's the best.

Celebrating finish independent day (no, I'm not finish) with friends. We love watching 2 hours of handshaking and commenting on clothes.

I really like working with Affinity Designer on iPad with Apple Pencil. Just made this little vector of a mon based on a design I found on the Internet.

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