Hot take: I don't mind the new logo, but boy is that plum background of the iOS logo uuugly.

@hagen Don't worry. Pretty sure, if there was something like being wrong in this game it would be a cat-human Tycherosi.

Working on my character for a new Blades in the Dark campaign and did an “Oops! All furry.” 😄

@specialkolin reminds me of Pantscast, a podcast app that played fartnoises during podcasts. 😄

Good to know there's an http error code specifically for this tho.

Stuff like this is probably the only palpable change caused by the GDPR for normal people.

I switched my news media consumption strategy from "OMG I have to watch every garbage fire in case it spreads" to "Don't send me a push notification before everything burned to the ground". I'm only comfortable with extremes, I guess.

Yesterday I started crying just because I'm so happy about and for these two. 😻😭

Trying out how feasible it is to design your own tsuba and have it printed to steel. Turns out: Very.

(Original artwork by Roy Takagi)

(I just realized that would make it a "catana")

Turns out Skype only grabs the left stereo channel. If your mono signal is on the right one, it doesn't care. 🤦🏻‍♂️

So... Does Skype just not work with USB audio interfaces anymore or am I doing something wrong? (It doesn't even ask for permission when I use it on Mojave, only the internal mic works and triggers the security dialog)

@plaetzchen yeah I looked into that too. And the equipment is more pricy. Positive reinforcement and patience should work with most cats though.

@plaetzchen triangulating the signal and maybe some machine learning on top for guessing the location.

@plaetzchen yes. Room and ideally location within the room (cat bed, couch, etc.)

Spot is slowly getting used to his little "brother" Melchior.

@barning the plan is to track where the cats spend time in the apartment. Triangulation with multiple Raspberry Pi (or maybe even ESP32 based micro controllers). Backend that collects the data, triangulates and uses machine learning to guess the most probable location (I.e. "cat house in living room")

BLE based cat tracking is taking shape. Spot tells me I still have to work on the ergonomics.

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