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I enjoyed this season of Game of Thrones very much. And I'm legitimately afraid of posting that publicly on my Twitter account. Fan culture is so broken.

@sturek it's part of the rotor riot controller. Works well. Bought that controller because it supports R3/L3 Buttons.

I just misread this as "non-obligatory church policy", and thought it sounded plausible for a games company to formalize the often cultish work environment.

Playing a CrossOver'ed Windows-only game on iOS streamed from a macOS Steam app. What wonderful confusing times we live in.

The fan reactions to Game of Thrones makes me want to stan the show out of spite

Every German ows a huge debt to Werner Herzog for making English with a German accent sounding vaguely cool and intellectual.

My YouTube keeps recommending Asian ASMR crafting and cooking videos and I'm super fascinated by how that is a massive thing.

Thinking a lot about Game of Thrones and the age of internet opinions these days. I’m actually enjoying this season, but the more time I spend reading and listening to opinions online the harder it gets to avoid drifting into negativity.

I enjoyed Endgame so much and I cried several times, but V jbhyq unir rawblrq vg n ybg zber jvgu nyy gur sng wbxrf. Vg'f n cbjreshy erzvaqre nalobql pna or n ureb, rkprcg sbe sng crbcyr.

Me after playing around with Elixir and Phoenix Liveview: 😻😻😻

I love being able to make my own iMessage stickers.

Can't help but think that the quick demise of Notre Dame provides an emotional anchor of feelings for all the old beauty that slowly and invisibly decays in our time.

Hacker News is a toxic cesspool and its perceived importance in our industry says a lot about us, the people working in it.

Gradual systemic failure is so much less enjoyable than sudden collapse. It’s all the negative consequences without any of the excitement.

I miss 😿

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