I wonder if there is some sort of coordination effort going on that matches up developers with a DTK to OSS that needs some porting love.

If you are wondering how things are going in Germany: Our special forces (think Navy Seals) have to be reformed and disbanded partially, because of “right-wing extremist incidents”. Oh, and they also lost 48k rounds of ammunition and 62kg of explosives…

Best way forward is probably to ask your bank/creditcard company/paypal to get that money back from them and don’t bother poor overworked and underpayed (and seriously understaffed) call center workers…

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Looks like @Lufthansa_DE has pretty much turned off its callcenter, the only way to get a refund. Great way to reduce costs!

I’m really blown away how efficient developing an app with SwiftUI and The Composable Architecture can be. Wrote a functioning Firestore backed multiuser app to track who ate how many snacks at the office in under two days. Including different r/w permissions based on roles.

Amusingly the YouTube website is now way more functional on iOS 14 than the app: picture in picture just works.

Looks like Germany has its first case of Covid-19 actually reported with the app?

Four out of five of the last near-miss traffic accidents I had were caused by white middle-aged males trying to be particularly manly. Would be interesting how many people die in traffic because others have to perform their masculinity.

A bit sad that there still isn’t a way to stroke() a Text() in SwiftUI. Or am I missing something?

Dear America, “Anne-Tifa“ is the child of a bunch of millennial nerds that played too much Final Fantasy VII. Anti-Fascists are ”Anti. Fa.“

Soo… can we get ReplayKit support in Xcode? That would be great for streaming live coding, I guess?

I’m “I miss when WWDC served Jamba Juice" years old.

Just realized this might be the first WWDC I’m not anxious about in half a decade. That’s a nice feeling.

@sandzwerg @rstockm es werden maximal 14 Tage Daten gespeichert.

@lastfuture Okay, imagine being a user that opens this screen seeing that the App „has checked 0 times in the last 24h“, then going to the log and seeing not checks have occurred at all. That communicates „this app is not doing anything“.

@lastfuture checks against an empty list are checks. Not displaying them is confusing and undermines trust in the function of the App.

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