Why do people blur the vaccine lot number in their vaccination selfies?

Grats to @zeitweise and @tcm_box for winning best mobile game at the German Videogame Awards. Last chance to preorder their next masterpiece for a discounted price: apps.apple.com/de/app/cards-mo

TFW you wake up, read the news and wonder if your politicians are actively trying to kill you.

I love it when reporting TOS violations works and is acted upon swiftly.

Current state of vaccination despair: Wrote a shell script that checks the news page of my GP for changes every few minutes.

Are there definite studies about outdoors transmissability of B117 yet? Not really feeling safe without a mask outdoors atm. Especially as it gets more crowded due to good weather.

The sound you just heard was the German vaccination campaign grinding to a agonizing halt. Cannot imagine how it will recover from this blow.

A little bit annoyed at all the US podcasts in my feed proclaiming "the pandemic is over and the world is reopening".

I feel utterly broken and devastated by this country’s covid response.

It's going to be very difficult to go back to pretending government acts for the good of its people after this pandemic.

(Just joking, these are three different translations, the last one being literal)

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New favorite phrase. Translation seems to be a bit embellished tho.

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