To be more precise: Spotify (Audible/Apple/etc) exclusive podcasts are podcasts in the same way that a Facebook feed is a blog.

To me podcasts that aren't publicly availability aren't podcasts. And I don't mean that in a technical definition way, I think they are just a different - way less interesting - medium.

This is a pretty cool feature for those archiving Twitch VODs on YouTube. Works reasonable well: Speech is narrowbandy, but still audible.

I just checked how feasible it would be to boycott AWS for me, a pretty technically adept person. I came to the conclusion that just not using the Internet for two days would be easier.

@esopriester love it. It's quite the learning curve but it feels just right.

@esopriester if you actually touch type it should be relatively easy to move to a split keyboard.

@leitmedium (es riecht hier auch etwas nach Sauna Aufguss, das machen Autos normalerweise nicht)

@leitmedium lucie meinte Waldbrand laut Twitter. Aber Hauptsache world-on-Fire.

Remember when summer did not smell of burning forest?

6 hours later and I'm still getting mentioned. This website is amazing.

TIL: Climate change deniers actively search for "climate crisis" on twitter to engage in "rational discourse".

(Read the replies to this tweet if you still have hope and need to get rid of it.)

Having listened to the democratic debates I have no hope humanity will do anything meaningful about the climate crisis in the next decade.

@globalc ist auf jeden Fall schon zu hören!

In preparation to migrating to an Ergodox I measured my typing speed, and it turns out (to no surprise to me) I'm a pretty bad typist: 52 wpm on average. I guess it's time to finally learn how to type. :)

The best new thing I learned to "cook" this month: Yuzu Kosho. Super versatile condiment that fits in a lot of summer dishes and salads.

The year is 2019. Space exploration is driven by geniuses that can't tell the difference between Mars and the Moon.

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