Blacksmithing: surprisingly fun and satisfying. 8/10 Stars.

The problem with teaching your cat to press buttons.

I love how prompts for art generation models increasingly sound like prayers, 8k, highly detailed, trending on artstation.

I have queued to buy things.
I have even queued to watch people trying to sell me things.
I still don't get why you'd queue to glimpse a coffin.

We live in a world where giving away money you can never possibly spend is an outlier, not the norm. 🤯

I know it looks ridiculous, but I love my wearable Google TV setup. Doing chores while watching stuff ftw.

Turns out Japanese YouTube tech channels work really well for me in terms of immersion.

Just to chime in on the endless "SwiftUI isn't good enough for advanced apps" chorus: Get yourself a good app architecture and use it for the stuff it's good for. There are no prices to win for 100% SwiftUI code.

Maybe most of our problems metaphorically boil down to "The wrong Amazon is on fire".

I guess @Miele_Press is trying really hard to get "canceled". (Aka generating a lot of press with abhorrent shit and getting out on top).

RT @whalecoiner
Your reminder that @Cloudflare both help and protect anti-trans groups who boast about the trans women they have driven to suicide.

RT @autofocus
Berliners! If you spontaneously feel like musical theatre shenanigans on the weekend, my musical groups show "Musicals through the ages" has some tickets left.
Friday is sold out, Sat/Sun still a few seats.

@moaparty Are you aware that Twitter Circle posts get crossposted automatically? Maybe that should be disabled by default?

@annika to well I guess. Will talk to the moa devs about this.

That feeling when you spend lots of time jumping through hoops to get a prescription for your meds, just to be told in the end they cannot be ordered because of supply chain issues.

I think I just invented my favorite wall art style: Shin-hanga, but make it Blade Runner.

Germany's right wing seems to be hell-bent on reenacting 2021's Seuss controversy. With a very mid author and redface. Once again this country manages to be racist and boring at the same time.

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