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Me: Ah, a vacation in Canada in September. That's going to be pretty chill weather for a change.

Toronto: How about 31°C next Wednesday?

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In hindsight, while it's funny to dunk on Pumpkin Spice Latte being a white people thing, it's actually kind of shitty towards people of color too. So, sorry for that. Anyways, if you love PSLs, Starbucks has them starting on Tuesday in Germany.

Here's a great video on why speed running is interesting:

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Anyways, in short... cultivating a social space is hard emotional labor for everyone.

One big thing I realized in the last decade: Some things are just to complicated to communicate effectively in text. And some things are so complicated they can only be communicated face to face. It's a hard thing to accept in times of asynchronous digital communication, but I feel having the abilty to recognize these complexibilties is a sign of emotional matureness. (I don't claim to have mastered this myself, jfyi.)

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Panic is publishing Untitled Goose Game by House House. Coming early 2019 for Mac, PC, Switch.

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I just realized that the cats' litter box basically is a miniature zen stone garden and proceeded to draw intricate patterns into the sand after cleaning it. I'm not sure if I'm proud or ashamed.

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Hello! Here are some App Store promo codes for my game Blackbar:



Trying to learn needle felting.

Step 2: Draw the Rest of the Owl.

(There are more detailed instructions in there, thank god.)

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