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My cat seems to have a stomach bug and has a hard time eating for the last three days. The vet isn't too worried but given how suddenly his brother died just a few weeks ago I'm super anxious. I just want him to be okay. 😭


I just tried Smash Bros Ultimate and maybe I'm too old for video games? I feel like a parent that has no idea what happens on the screen.

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Daring Fireball gives a very good breakdown of what it is about Electron apps that terrifies me about the future of the Mac platform. Hint, Electron isn't the only problem.

Celebrating finish independent day (no, I'm not finish) with friends. We love watching 2 hours of handshaking and commenting on clothes.

I might become one of those annoying guys that tells you how good a sauna is all the time.

Somewhere between taking a sauna, listening to Desert Bus to fall asleep and using my daylight lamp I seem to have escaped the worst of the funk I was in. Now to the part we're I maintain this state.

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@map My CS101 prof explicitly tried to heal this damage. He asked for a show of hands from each group and then said. "Those of you new to programming? You've got a blank slate. No bad habits or strange self taught idioms to undo. This is an advantage. Those of you who have been doing it for years already? Be humble coming into this. You've still got a lot to learn."

TFW when you speak enough Japanese to be annoyed at loosely translated subtitles, but not enough to not rely on them.

Having seen newcomers to the profession being frustrated to the degree of giving up on their dreams, just because they didn't fart around on a C64 when they were children, I realized these stories while cute do active harm. Don't make them such integral parts of your introductions and origin stories. Try weaving in advice that is reproducible to grown ups instead.

I'm listening to a podcast in which a man that does cool stuff with computers is promoted to introduce himself by telling the story how he started coding when he was 9 years old.

As someone that has done this, I feel prompted to tell you that I have thoughts about this trope: DON'T

To add photos to a shared album I first have to download them from iCloud just to upload them to iCloud. I can't shake the feeling there's room for optimization there...

In related news: If you, like me, have a hard time in winter get yourself a daylight lamp and don't forget to use it (like me). Seasonal affective disorder is a thing.

I feel like I'm still jet lagged, but I guess I just slipped into a bad sleep, no sunlight, freezing temperatures induced depression episode. Working my way out.

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