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Stuff like this is probably the only palpable change caused by the GDPR for normal people.

I switched my news media consumption strategy from "OMG I have to watch every garbage fire in case it spreads" to "Don't send me a push notification before everything burned to the ground". I'm only comfortable with extremes, I guess.

Yesterday I started crying just because I'm so happy about and for these two. 😻😭

Trying out how feasible it is to design your own tsuba and have it printed to steel. Turns out: Very.

(Original artwork by Roy Takagi)

(I just realized that would make it a "catana")

Turns out Skype only grabs the left stereo channel. If your mono signal is on the right one, it doesn't care. 🤦🏻‍♂️

So... Does Skype just not work with USB audio interfaces anymore or am I doing something wrong? (It doesn't even ask for permission when I use it on Mojave, only the internal mic works and triggers the security dialog)

BLE based cat tracking is taking shape. Spot tells me I still have to work on the ergonomics.

Again a racist attack in Germany, again the terrorist is called a "lone wolf". That's the thing: The far-right doesn't even have to organize itself here, it's present throughout all of society.

My pet (!) peeve: Cat vocalisations in media that don't make contextual sense. Ask someone how has a cat before you use a cat sound in your game or video! And please don't use distressed cat sounds for atmosphere...

Hey, wow, cool. Finally, a new media player for macOS to get excited about! (Even does PIP and Youtube playlists.)

Hey look! An ISO 9001 certified garlic peress. It's a kitchen thing™!

superweeb content 

‪TFW the building is getting evacuated five minutes after you sat down for Omakase.‬

He got some cortisone and already is improving. Hope he's well soon. I love him so much.

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