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I just tuned into the Cohen hearing because I apparently hate myself and they were arguing over wether Cohen is a "nice guy".

This is probably the weirdest item to check off on my bucket list. Thanks Melchior!

Googling “Why does my kitten sound like Donald Duck?”.

I'm really happy that i had the courage to go full weeb and start practicing Iaido last year. It's so much fun. 🙂

I’ve got an idea for another deeply weird video. The background is already shaping up quite nicely.

Maybe it’s time we outlaw social platforms that don’t have the capacity to manually police their content?

It feels so great to get a project done in two days. And then to be finished with it.

This was fun to make. I present "Munching with Map - Groiled Cheese Sandwich". (/cc

Did anybody coin the moniker “Generation SubscribeShareLike” yet?

Here's an idea: Performance art in the form of a mathematical paper that "solves" the trolley problem via formal logic.

What's your favorite Samurai movie?

My superpower is spending entirely too much time on a joke that's only funny to me.

That works better than anybody could have expected. Now to the hard part.

When you spend you friday like this because of a really dumb idea you had.

I have encountered the term “groiled cheese sandwich” in modded Minecraft, and wondering if that’s even a thing only turned up one result in urban dictionary claiming it is Icelandic cooking technique. Can anybody confirm? (Cc

Can those symbolic actions change a society in the long term? Or are they just outlets for anxiety that make us feel better and stabilze the current system?

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