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I feel a great disturbance in the App Store, as if thousands of indie game maker's voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Watching the Apple event, hoping my personal creative niche can escape commodification for a little bit longer. Fingers crossed.

This is fascinating video about how the pipeline from edgelording to terrorism works. Bonus points for calling it the "Pewdiepipeline".

Good: Sekiro would be absolutely remote playable on PS4 via iOS.
Bad: I don't have an MFI Controller that has L3/R3 buttons. :(

Giant chicken murder simulator 2019, here I come!

This little boy has been sick last week and needed to be fed with a syringe because he wouldn't eat. It took three visits to the vet, but a shot of antibiotics later he's recovering well and seems to be back to his old self. So happy.

I wonder if we already have entered an age that makes it feasible to start a company catered exclusively to the taste of one super-rich person (e.g. selling turmeric “Superfood” coffee creamers). Not to sell them the product, but to sell them the company.

Clear sign that your parody song is good enough: Content ID claims the video.

I just tuned into the Cohen hearing because I apparently hate myself and they were arguing over wether Cohen is a "nice guy".

This is probably the weirdest item to check off on my bucket list. Thanks Melchior!

Googling “Why does my kitten sound like Donald Duck?”.

I'm really happy that i had the courage to go full weeb and start practicing Iaido last year. It's so much fun. 🙂

I’ve got an idea for another deeply weird video. The background is already shaping up quite nicely.

Maybe it’s time we outlaw social platforms that don’t have the capacity to manually police their content?

It feels so great to get a project done in two days. And then to be finished with it.

This was fun to make. I present "Munching with Map - Groiled Cheese Sandwich". (/cc

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