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I don't get how people can watch the HBO Chernobyl series and come to the conclusion that the moral is about the failings of the Soviet state or "Socialism" while the world around them is literally burning.

Indie developers getting bought by giant corporations always makes me sad.

Taking a step back, a lot of new(ish) Apple tech nicely lays a foundation to build AR glasses on. ARKit, Voice Control, even SwiftUI.

So, yeah, for some random reason you can now add new Game Center friends again in iOS 13?

Backporting the important iOS 13 features to iOS 12. ;)

Still surprised every time that FCPX doesn't have an autoducking feature.

I will take "Unfortunate Names" for 100, Alex.

Is this just new language to discourage beta use or is it really as bad as this sounds?

I try to have empathy with parents being overwhelmed in public, but yesterday a kid threw a coke bottle at me while his dad just watched and I didn’t knew how to react.

I miss I wish someone (that isn’t a sexual predator) would just steal the idea.

Nothing is more jarring than autoinserted German screamo ads before an English language podcast.

It's heartbreaking to see people trying to be kind and getting the same reaction as if they were actively evil.

I enjoyed this season of Game of Thrones very much. And I'm legitimately afraid of posting that publicly on my Twitter account. Fan culture is so broken.

I just misread this as "non-obligatory church policy", and thought it sounded plausible for a games company to formalize the often cultish work environment.

Playing a CrossOver'ed Windows-only game on iOS streamed from a macOS Steam app. What wonderful confusing times we live in.


The fan reactions to Game of Thrones makes me want to stan the show out of spite

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