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The best new thing I learned to "cook" this month: Yuzu Kosho. Super versatile condiment that fits in a lot of summer dishes and salads.

The year is 2019. Space exploration is driven by geniuses that can't tell the difference between Mars and the Moon.

Great. Suddenly obsessed with this thing and learning how to type on it.

Placing an inn in a cemetery - not the best look?!

I guess it's time for a rewatch. (When does June 21th start at Netflix?)

(My current setup is Jekyll via Github and Netlify. Just wondering if there’s something a bit more wysiwyg)

Looking for an easy solution to blog from iOS. Rich-text editing with image support, maybe even static page creation. Basically Jekyll meets Medium on iOS. Is there something like that?

Late night hardware hacking. Why solder when a janky rubber band can hold the firmware flashing connection in place?

speaking via voice segmentation. After that I match for that snippet in the master track via FFT convolution. Then it's just calculating offsets and cutting wav files: Fully automatic double-ender. I'm so happy!

I works like this: First I calculate a minimal overlapping area of audio (because sometime some recordings start way earlier than other), and pick a small area to sample in the audio I need to sync. That sample gets further reduce to a 2 second snippet where someone is actually

To produce our Fanboys podcast I have to sync my local recordings with those of others participating via Facetime. I usually do this by lining up the tracks in an audio editor. After years, today I had the idea to finally automate this with a simple python script. Yay!

Turns out YouTube supports colored subtitles via an undocumented xml format. Had to make a proof of concept Twitch chat to YT subtitle converter. Works better than expected.

I don't get how people can watch the HBO Chernobyl series and come to the conclusion that the moral is about the failings of the Soviet state or "Socialism" while the world around them is literally burning.

Indie developers getting bought by giant corporations always makes me sad.

Taking a step back, a lot of new(ish) Apple tech nicely lays a foundation to build AR glasses on. ARKit, Voice Control, even SwiftUI.

So, yeah, for some random reason you can now add new Game Center friends again in iOS 13?

Backporting the important iOS 13 features to iOS 12. ;)

Still surprised every time that FCPX doesn't have an autoducking feature.

I will take "Unfortunate Names" for 100, Alex.

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