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Update: My bot fished the whole night, got cool enchantments that I put on my pick axe and my bow, and then I explored a nether castle and fell into the lava sea. Sorry, fish bot, you have to pull another night shift.

No AFK fishing farms in Minecraft Bedrock you say? Nothing a small python script can't fix...

The German food delivery market is now so utterly disrupted that it's a monopoly.

Dji is making hardware for cats? Stabilized cat mounted gimbals or drones for cats to ride in?

Thanks to the weird way I hacked this VHS digitizing setup together it's zero effort to also stream to Twitch. Now I'm thinking about show formats involving a video tape recorder.

Free app idea: Minecraft Biome Finder / Map for iOS. With nice Apple Maps like UI.

Yes, I did setup a Minecraft Bedrock Server and am researching how to get fish asap just to tame as many cats as possible. Why did you ask?

Noticed I haven't posted cat content in quite a while, so here are our cats recreating The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.

To be more precise: Spotify (Audible/Apple/etc) exclusive podcasts are podcasts in the same way that a Facebook feed is a blog.

To me podcasts that aren't publicly availability aren't podcasts. And I don't mean that in a technical definition way, I think they are just a different - way less interesting - medium.

This is a pretty cool feature for those archiving Twitch VODs on YouTube. Works reasonable well: Speech is narrowbandy, but still audible.

I just checked how feasible it would be to boycott AWS for me, a pretty technically adept person. I came to the conclusion that just not using the Internet for two days would be easier.

Remember when summer did not smell of burning forest?

6 hours later and I'm still getting mentioned. This website is amazing.

TIL: Climate change deniers actively search for "climate crisis" on twitter to engage in "rational discourse".

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