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Police is doing their best to remind us why we are celebrating German reunification today by blocking various ways to travel from East Berlin to West Berlin.

Let's be honest and just call it the purge for sexual assault.

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I just arrived in Munich during Oktoberfest time and it took literally 3 minutes to witness the first groping. Fuck this shit.

It took an embarrassing amount of time, but I figured out how to avoid doing a PhD.

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I love that I can scan NFCs to automate things on iOS with Shortcuts. I hate that Reminders can't automate checking off an item. :/

I know, this is the least of our worries regarding the UK parliament right now, but there must be a better way to mic that room.

Tfw your bank has no idea how to send money to Japan.

Dealing with the hyper object of the ongoing climate disaster reminds me about Douglas Adams' Total Perspective Vortex. It's hard to engage with it for a prolonged time without suffering major mental health issues.

I just realized my utter disappointment that I didn't do a PhD.

Because "Doctor Martin Pittenauer" is perfectly singable to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song.

Out of the 50+ titles currently on Apple Arcade a mere 10 have support for controllers.

As a developer Apple Arcade worries me. A lot. Are players going to pay 5 bucks for your game if they can get 100 for the same price? Time will tell.

The only hint that really excited me about the new stuff Apple showed today are the ultrawide lense, night mode and some of the video features. Maybe it's me.

Good luck to anyone thinking about releasing an iOS game this month, or maybe even this year. ;)

Watching UK parliament on Twitch seems like a perfect match in 2019.

After reading a few papers stereoscopic synthesis seems doable. Excited to see what (if anything) gets announced next week.

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What I don't get about the Apple "Cardboard AR" rumors: Where is the stereoscopic image of the environment coming from? Synthesized via multiple FOVs and depth sensing?

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