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Minecraft Earth seems to work fine if you have a New Zealand App Store Account to download it.

"Maybe game jams as a practice should be examined in the light of glorifying crunch culture and propagating a very warped public image of the development process?", he said, thinly veiling his opinion.

Why is there Coke Zero Cinnamon now, bit still no Pumpkin Spice flavored coke? This is not the capitalism I was promised.

Structurally it reads a lot like a zen koan collection. It follows the "anecdote, then a comment by the master" format.

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People that think a lot about how machines think seem to slowly think more like machines themselves.

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Here are two brainfarts I had after reading the latest Alignment Newsletter:

On one side people trying to blame terrorism on gaming, anime and 3D printing, on the other side panicked children worried about their toys getting taken away. Somewhere in the margins vanishing few people worried about Nazis killing Jewish people in the streets in Germany again.

"Years and Years" is horrifying and anxiety inducing and brilliant.

I don't really get why some personal automation triggers in iOS Shortcuts just pop up a notification that lets you run the shortcut. Shouldn't these be like... automatic?

Is there a podcast client with a "sticky" sleep timer function? I listen to podcasts when going to sleep and when I wake up in the middle of the night I'd love to be able to just press play on my Bluetooth remote to have it continue with a new 15 minute sleep timer.

Oh gawd. I just realized the next three months will be dominated by "Top 10 of the decade" lists.

And all that to allow some Nazis to march down the streets...

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Police is doing their best to remind us why we are celebrating German reunification today by blocking various ways to travel from East Berlin to West Berlin.

Let's be honest and just call it the purge for sexual assault.

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I just arrived in Munich during Oktoberfest time and it took literally 3 minutes to witness the first groping. Fuck this shit.

It took an embarrassing amount of time, but I figured out how to avoid doing a PhD.

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I love that I can scan NFCs to automate things on iOS with Shortcuts. I hate that Reminders can't automate checking off an item. :/

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