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So... is anybody actually using UIReferenceLibraryViewController? If so, why does it take 5 seconds to show up and why does it print half a mile of garbage to the console before it does?

Update: Making progress. (Uses mecab to tokenize and lemmatize.)

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Related: I'm probably a few days away from wearing a Hakama at home because I miss Iaido pratice.

Sooo… do I need to buy sweatpants or are we getting rid of the whole concept of pants soon anyway?

(It's a video player for iOS that shows Japanese subtitles with reading help and word lookup on tap)

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TFW you have an idea for an app, see that someone made a react native thing that doesn't really do what you want and then spent your Sunday afternoon working on a design for your dream app that you will have to code yourself. 😔

Where can I get those coats. I need one of those. Now!

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If we continue on this timeline the bell riots will be early.

As an IT person looking for something you can do to help during this crisis, aim lower. Contribute to open source apps that help people during the current and coming difficult times. Set up a Jitsi server for your community. You won't be part of the cure. Stop trying to be.

So far Half-life Alyx is the best VR game I ever played. And weirdly topical at the moment.

Nothing beats the pure joy of watching your cat watch the Lion King remake.

My favorite TV station is now streaming concerts every evening to support Berlin clubs that had to close to . Thanks!

One of my biggest worries switching jobs was that having to go to an office every day after working from home for years would be hard. 3 months later I’m a bit sad about the office going remote for a week due to covid19.

I love the idea of using machine learning to evolve game genres. Check out 's new game Polarized for a great example. A "text" adventure where you take photos to progress. The "parser" is image classificaton. Zork meets Pokemon Snap.

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