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I fear I have become one of those nerds that has options on mechanical keyboards and firmwares thereof. 😱

Now that binaural stereo is going to make a big splash on ps5 on Thursday I hope Apple will show it’s binaural stuff a bit of love too.

Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a funny tweet. I know how trademarks and classifications work from hands on experience. No need to explain it to me.

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Amazingly prototyping SwiftUI feels way better in Swift Playgrounds on my iPad than on Xcode on my Mac.

These days I’m pressing the report tweet button even more than usually (because of obvious reasons).
It’s a colossal embarrassment that these are the only kinds of abuses and harm @jack’s company is interested in.

Finally decided on a name for my sourdough starter. Michael Bubbly.

If society was a codebase, a complete rewrite would be in order.

10 minutes into Central Park it already is the best argument for Apple TV+. Great show.

why is it so hard to get a beard in ? 😫

Kind of seriously puzzled that there doesn’t seem to be an app for

I wish there was a ZWJ sequence for emoji to modify the color of cat emojis.

I love looking at the different Covid Tracing Apps that pop up. Bonus points for France for having a dedicated gitlab instance. However we have to discuss git best pratices in terms of commiting code…

What’s a good 5GHz WiFi Router to buy for a secondary network to escape the 2,4GHz crosstalk hell that currently slows my network to 5Mbit/s? Eero?

Loving how easy it has become to write standalone Apple Watch apps.

Ideally this goes hand in hand with source control that doesn’t operate on files but on logical code units.

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