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Looks like Germany has its first case of Covid-19 actually reported with the app?

Four out of five of the last near-miss traffic accidents I had were caused by white middle-aged males trying to be particularly manly. Would be interesting how many people die in traffic because others have to perform their masculinity.

A bit sad that there still isn’t a way to stroke() a Text() in SwiftUI. Or am I missing something?

Dear America, “Anne-Tifa“ is the child of a bunch of millennial nerds that played too much Final Fantasy VII. Anti-Fascists are ”Anti. Fa.“

Soo… can we get ReplayKit support in Xcode? That would be great for streaming live coding, I guess?

I’m “I miss when WWDC served Jamba Juice" years old.

Just realized this might be the first WWDC I’m not anxious about in half a decade. That’s a nice feeling.

So I guess the check log doesn’t show activity if there are no keys to check against? If so: Highly confusing and abysmal UX.

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Just to make sure: Anybody out there with actual checks in their log originating from the german Corona Warn App? (Settings/Privacy/Health/Covid-19/Exposure Checks)

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Having a hard time understanding what exactly that means.

While it seems to be App Store wishing season: I’d like for In-App purchases to be de-emphasized (keep them at 70/30, while the App Price is 90/10), subscriptions to be an exception (e.g. only for services also available outside the App Store), demo versions and upgrade pricing.

(There are a few options running on Postgres, so that’s probably the best to play around locally. E.g. Hasura.)

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I hope App developer will stop calling everything Rocket before my menu bar looks like a Star Citizen dock.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a locally hostable techstack that supports GraphQL including GraphQL subscriptions backed by a NoSql Database? (Basically Parse, but with subscription support)

I fear I have become one of those nerds that has options on mechanical keyboards and firmwares thereof. 😱

Now that binaural stereo is going to make a big splash on ps5 on Thursday I hope Apple will show it’s binaural stuff a bit of love too.

Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a funny tweet. I know how trademarks and classifications work from hands on experience. No need to explain it to me.

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Amazingly prototyping SwiftUI feels way better in Swift Playgrounds on my iPad than on Xcode on my Mac.

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