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Really happy with my work in progress iOS 14 Home Screen. Smart Stack on top (doubles as pip area), 2 rows of Siri app suggestions below and absolute essential apps below that.

Kann mir jemand erklären warum @_donalphonso gegen zu sein scheint, während er seit ich mich erinnern kann selbst gerne explizit auf die Arbeitgeber seiner Kritiker hinweist, auch wenn sie hier privat auftreten? (Seine Folgschaft erledigt dann idR den Rest…)

Free game idea: Octo Dream Daddy.

Am I right in assuming there’s no way to get a card10 currently?

“I will never register a punycode URL again!” he said.

Things I read in my replies: “only a few third reich flags” 🤯

Watching streams by far-right COVID conspiracy theorists that refuse to end their demonstration for hours now. Never seen Berlin police so polite and gentle.

Is somebody already documenting the personalities and networks in the German Corona conspiracy theorist scene? I’d love a long read or two about that.

Getting more angry tweets lately because ppl think urban dictionary is an actual way to define what words mean (i.e. I can’t believe I have to clarify that my initials neither signify that I’m that nor a diagrammatic representation of an area of land.

Less janky by adding a bit of acrylic. Total cost: three bucks. 🎉🎉🎉

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More janky fish tank hacking: The CPU cooler I found out on the curb cools 180l of water by about two thirds of a degree centigrade per hour.

TIL: Germans hate stone gardens to such a degree that there are instagram accounts dedicated to shaming them and federal states are actually banning them.

Covid-19 software infrastructure seems to work really well. 🧐

If I had know how easy microcontroller programming has become I‘d have used ESP32s a lot more in the past.

DS18B20 + ESP32 + InfluxDB + Grafana = Happy fish

It's fascinating to see how the pewdiepipeline works in that case though: video about code, video about science, ted talk, ted talk, ted talk by sam harris, sam harris and lobster clown, lobster clown.

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I accidentally left a Youtube tab playing and it slowly escalated its way to playing a Jordan “Lobster Clown” Peterson video. I guess I stopped it right before it took me deep into alt-right country. How is this still a thing?

Why is a cat‘s kneading behavior also called „making muffins“, when making muffins usually doesn’t involve kneading?

Had a stupid idea. Turns out it's actually a valid way to do stream, probably.

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