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Looking at the raw data I can’t even find the key match event. Maybe it’s even a bug? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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This is just a „you have been naughty in the last 10? days but most likely nothing happened“. Might be triggered by my neighbors phone through the apartment wall or while eating outside at a restaurant.

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How is this in any way useful to anybody? This information is not actionable. If I at least got a notice where or when the exposure happened I could adjust my behavior accordingly.

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A short rant about Corona Warn Apps and their abysmal UX.

Looking for a bot that automatically blocks all Twitter users with 8 digits in their name.

TIL: Wasps are stealing cat food from our kitchen. What are they doing with the pieces of cat food they carry away? Do they have pets of their own? So many questions.

I’d love to play Dwarf Fortress, but I just cannot visualize what’s going on when watching a 2D slice of the world at a time. Wishing there were better 3D renderers available.

Just realized that I want, but on iOS. (cc @OKatBest ;) )

Really happy with my work in progress iOS 14 Home Screen. Smart Stack on top (doubles as pip area), 2 rows of Siri app suggestions below and absolute essential apps below that.

Kann mir jemand erklären warum @_donalphonso gegen zu sein scheint, während er seit ich mich erinnern kann selbst gerne explizit auf die Arbeitgeber seiner Kritiker hinweist, auch wenn sie hier privat auftreten? (Seine Folgschaft erledigt dann idR den Rest…)

Free game idea: Octo Dream Daddy.

Am I right in assuming there’s no way to get a card10 currently?

“I will never register a punycode URL again!” he said.

Things I read in my replies: “only a few third reich flags” 🤯

Watching streams by far-right COVID conspiracy theorists that refuse to end their demonstration for hours now. Never seen Berlin police so polite and gentle.

Is somebody already documenting the personalities and networks in the German Corona conspiracy theorist scene? I’d love a long read or two about that.

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