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Really tempted to get into Japanese Woodworking. Price ranges for tools are a bit overwhelming tho. Hard to judge what’s good for a beginner.

It’s one of those “why didn’t I put up the daylight lamp 3 weeks ago?” kinda winters.

Does any of my followers work for Slack?

TFW Desert Bus is over and you try to turn on Desert Bus to distract yourself from your feelings.

At this point I’d give several firstborns for someone to make a streaming software (like OBS) but with UI/UX like Quartz Composer and entirely using native macOS technology.

My friends: So what exactly is this @DesertBus thing?

Me: ...

This thing has more moving parts than an actual bus, but after a rough start it’s finally on the road. Fingers crossed for a smooth tomorrow.

TFW you watch @DesertBus hoping for the cloud emulation of a Sega Genesis you haphazardly hacked together to do what it is supposed to.

I really enjoy marginally-less-worse timeline so far.

This week’s Startrek Discovery. Wow. ❤️❤️❤️

Can we please have a laugh track for every of his upcoming press conferences?

What does it say about our future that the end of democracy is more easily imagined than the end of capitalism?

Any pointers (ha!) to a good tutorial on ARM/AS assembler for someone proficient on x86?

”I think there is a terrible angst on the land, a sense that something ugly is about to happen, an hour-to-hour feeling of nervous anticipation.“

Finally had a few minutes to make my Corona Warning Lights („Ampel“) @scriptableapp widget for Berlin pretty.

Me: *grinding coffee in the morning*
Apple Watch:

Or in short: Feeling like an idiot again, because of Covid-19.

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