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Also, how perfectly does this part of the Wellerman match up with the global pandemic?

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*googles “how to learn to sing sea shanties”*

Quick, someone register and point it at Parler.

Looking at vaccination it’s fascinating to see how capitalism has become a fundamental limit of thought:

„You don’t have enough doses? Well why didn’t you order more, silly?“

„Production not fast enough? Well ofc, we have wait for the one company that’s allowed to make it.“

[pensive instrumental music]
[woman singing in norwegian]

Still trying to understand why it is a fireable offense at @github to call people with Nazi tattoos, wearing Nazi sweaters and shouting Nazi ideologies „Nazis“.

New hobby: Interpolating the date we (read Germany) reach 50% vaccination assuming current numbers. (Currently: End of March 2023)

Setting up a new blog has become a yearly tradition at the end of the year for me. Who knows? Maybe, one day, I will even use it.

Ah... The agony of finding great software you want to use and finding out it doesn't support German. (cc @DescriptApp)

My Xmas vacation so far? Wrote an autopilot for Desert Bus. (Cloudbus Edition)

I started tracking how often I wake up at night. It’s horrifying.

Wondering how long it will take before the first biohacker covid vaccine injection. Looking at stuff like RBD219-N1, it’s probably in the realm of the possible to design and order a plasmid, putting it in a yeast and fermenting your own supply of spike proteins to inject?

Life in the times of hyperobjects:
- It’s easy to see something is going wrong.
- It’s hard to figure out what’s going wrong.
- It’s impossible to fix what’s going wrong.

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