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So... any friendly neighborhood diybios who would mix up a small batch? 😅

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I just read that Bitcoin dropped $10K after Daddy Musk did a bad tweet about it. Can’t stop laughing.

Finally got one of those. Felt really left out to be to only iOS engineer in Berlin to not get one.

Do you believe in a mythical vaccinated After where everything goes back to 2019-mode?

Watching a lot of Valheim streams lately. Should I be worried that I always read this message as "You feel old.”?

I love how often I had to dig through their GitHub just to understand what the app is doing:

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Didn’t this used to say “no exposures”? Why change it to this super confusing text?

I don’t know why I didn’t watch Ted Lasso earlier. It’s the most wonderful bit of TV in quite a while.

Just played the next game by @sightwise / @zeitweise and wow. Loved it. Hope y‘all can enjoy it soon. 😻

Why is there no iaido sports anime?

Calling it now, $GME will be worth over 100K by April.

What I learnt after not being able to speak for a few days:
- Great: IOS has a accessibility mode that speaks every word you type.
- 💩: It ignores your keyboard language and uses the system language all the time.

Kinda wish there was something like factorio for iOS.

Kind of disappointing that „Congratulations it‘s not COVID“ is the only meaningful response I get from my doctor after being extremely sick for 10 days now.

TFW when you spent days moving from the bed to the couch and back because you are ill af, but your Apple Watch insists “you can still do it”.

Really getting annoyed by everyone claiming that Germany is doing a good job or even its best at vaccination.

Why didn’t they elect Amanda Gorman?

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