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I feel utterly broken and devastated by this country’s covid response.

It's going to be very difficult to go back to pretending government acts for the good of its people after this pandemic.

(Just joking, these are three different translations, the last one being literal)

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New favorite phrase. Translation seems to be a bit embellished tho.

Recently heard a teenager talk about his ETH mining rig that nets him 14 bucks a week running 24/7. His parents pay for the power. Somewhere in there is a metaphor for blockchain based bullshit.

Any of my followers with a Cowboy bike referral code they want me to use?

Turns out there wasn’t enough political consensus to even wait for vaccinations.

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The most German thing I heard today: Bavarian pop music radio host hurls racist remarks because he’s upset BTS covers Coldplay.

Also not convinced i will ever manage to tweet without at least one terrible typo.

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Still not convinced my country will managed to vaccinate me this year.

So... any friendly neighborhood diybios who would mix up a small batch? 😅

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I just read that Bitcoin dropped $10K after Daddy Musk did a bad tweet about it. Can’t stop laughing.

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