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Thinking about Snow Crash, the fun thing is that even in a world where entire neighbourhoods are owned and operated by cooperation, its Metaverse is based on an open, standardised protocol. So I guess we are trying to be even more dystopian than the book?

I love 3D printing. (Custom stand for sodastream fish tank fertilization).

Looking at the election numbers in Germany, it's pretty clear that change won't happen (in time for the generation growing up now). Who's officially residing over the coming inaction is pretty pointless imo.

OH: "Soon may the vengabus come...". Thanks to @autofocus for cursing this morning with a arrakian sized earworm chimera.

I wish I was somewhat competent in electronics. I basically just want an opened door turn on an led that stays on until a reset button is pressed. Can’t figure it out for the life of me.

Just noticed that my voicemail still said that I'm on vacation until mid october. It has been doing so for 8 years.

It has been about 8 years since I last used a Japanese toilet. 48 hours to go until I finally own one. Can’t wait.

Why do people like Joe Rogan? (For real. I don't understand.)

Have I mentioned recently how much I love @blockpartyapp_ ?

I love that everybody is astonished how Elizabeth Holmes could fool the press and investors for so long, while still believing Elon Musk could colonize Mars in our lifetime.

It might be my bubble, but I haven’t seen a lot of discussion of underlying causes in the internet freedom-maximalist discourse yet. I.e. discussing how to actually deal with CSAM, “underage material” and revenge porn. All energy seems to be focused on circumventing regulation.

Just wanted to ask how many “If OnlyFans would use Shitcoins, they would not be in trouble” takes there are already just for a new one to scroll into my timeline.

1.11, 2.22, 3.33, 3.0+1.01? Jesus, Hideki Anno. I feel like I need to run ‘yarn evangelion’ just to understand what movie to watch in what order.

Looking at the state of *gestures wildly* everything I wonder if our political systems are failing or working as intended. And which one would be more worrying.

Still missing @importantcast. 😿

Compared to last summer automated fish tank cooling really gave me a lot of peace of mind. Love how the system just does it’s job. (Graph is last 30 days.)

Meanwhile from the guy that will apparently solve climate change or something…

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