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By now I'm looking forward to a lockdown just to reduce the cognitive load of decision making.

First printed part I designed from scratch: a cover for the power cables above the bathroom mirror.

Proposal to use Japanese ぬ for "nu" because the Greek Ν / ν just are confusing and less cute.

Also: can we at least get emojis for "person having burnout" and "person being utterly defeated"?

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Opens Twitter. Reads "cataclysmically bad". Closes Twitter. I guess we are in for another few years of pandemic? 🙍🏻‍♂️

Oh great. Brave is pushing crÿpto? Burn it all down.

While waiting for my booster shot, I had an irl confrontation with a vaccine conspiracy believer. It stays with me how far they were gone, how little discussion was possible and how many lives will be lost due to misinformation pushed by grifters and engagement-driven media.

Ah, Winter, or as we call it "Reduce your social contacts to a minimum to help not crash the country's health system, while feeling stupid about it because many don't seem to" season.

Desert Bus now running smoothly thanks to new co-producer.

Hi Twitter! Looking for a notary in Berlin with availability in the next few weeks or sooner. Any tipps?

As I currently set up my producer studio for @DesertBus ’s Dawn Guard shift, here’s a little complication I made to help me keep track of shifts. (Needs latest watchOS). TestFlight link, in case you want it:

I wonder how many people in Germany turned off critical alerts for their emergency apps after being woken by a siren at 5:30am to be told the emergency numbers don't work at the moment.

Given the current state of things, maybe one should insist on these checks being done correctly. Even if everybody hates to be that person.

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Nobody ever:
- checked if my vaccination certificate is valid
- checked my identity if it matches the certificate

Let's just stop discussing privileges based on vaccination status until anybody actually checks for it.

3D printing really shines if you have a lot of crap in boxes you hord just in case you "need" a go pro mount screw or something ever again.

Facebook has already rebranded in Germany, I guess.

I also love how they hawk NFTs every 5 minutes while telling us they care about the environment.

Facebook Connect: "What if holograms are real? Anyway, you can now have a shitty wallpaper in our shitty VR conference room."

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