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Current Status: Hiding in a book store, because I'm afraid of the antivax protest march in front of it.

"Freedom" (to not wear a mask) sure makes you feel weird if you still want to protect yourself and others.

If Twitter autocompletes your nickname by appending "Hitler", your take might have been really really bad.

I think I solved it: Lets just couple the gasoline prices to the local Covid incidencedivided by 100. And use the money to build renewables.

Hot take: Elden Ring is a delight and the best Soulsborne, but not the second coming of open-world Jesus moment most game critics seem to think it is.

Sometimes being able to design and print objects feels like a super power.

How do you stop doom scrolling if there is nothing but doom everywhere?

Not sure how to feel about the mainstream now starting to use vocabulary formerly exclusive to right wing conspiracy folks.

Let’s all keep in mind that every dropped Covid measure is a giant fuck you to everyone still at risk. People will suffer and even die because we cannot be bothered to wear masks.

TIL: 3rd party apps cannot use the Siri voices in speech synthesis because of security concerns. 😮‍💨

I used to think that I’m tired of opinions.

Then I watched an eight hour review of Cyberpunk 2077 and realised that I’m tired of the lack of nuance.

Feeling increasingly estranged by parts of my social bubble deciding that the pandemic is over at its absolute high point.

Thinking about the future of videogames, my brain went straight to "there are already enough great games to last me the rest of my lifetime. no need to worry". 🙃

Added a wireless friend to the mix. Finally polishing up my solder skills a bit.

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It's a good game. (Probably will continue playing to pick all the flowers and find a few more flags and artifacts)

It’s 2022 and iOS and macOS text synthesises features still can’t deal with people that speak multiple languages. There are APIs that let you guess which language a text is in. Why not use them for speech?

Random scary thought: What if public policy in general is as bad or worse compared to public health policies in the last two years?

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