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Maybe it’s just the whole process of how feedback gets (intransparently?) processed(?), but it’s frustrating beyond belief to take time out of your day trying to improve things just to end up with the feeling of screaming into a void.

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Every year I fall for Apple engineers pleading to file feedback against the seeds, just to be disappointed yet again that nobody even seems to look at it. This time: AVPlayerItemLegibleOutputPushDelegate is just completely non-functional in iOS 16 currently. (FB10445935)

It feels like we entered an age without normals to return to. The future is extraordinary.

Are there podcasts that deal (constructively) with the slowpocalypse? (Mitigation, preparation, grieving, etc., not overly optimistic solutionism)

Almost looks like I know what I'm doing. (I'm not. And I don't have enough breadboards for these chonkers.)

Sometimes it doesn't only feel like we are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, but actually fighting to the death about the seating order.

Did not know Joy Con drift is easy to fix. Hurray for shoving cardboard into your electronics.

Upgraded the fish tank to report temperature via LoraWan->TTN->MQTT->Telegraf->Influx. No such thing as over-engineering. 😅

Having a hard time understanding current health policies. From where I'm standing it looks like "everybody gets Covid every 3-12 weeks"?!

So it's web5 already? Wake me up when they start naming the versions after places in California.

Can you draw pictures with large scale automated statistics? Yes.
Can it produce convincing text? Yes.
Is it conscientious? No. Except in a Shinto kami kind of way, I guess.

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To everyone without a computer science degree (and probably also to those with): I find it helpful to think about AI as automated statistics.

Anyway, probably the most obscure place I have in the internet: gemini://mʌ

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Just had a look at Gemini (protocol). First page I opened was full of transphobic bullshit. Not the innovation we need.

Dear journalists: If you are using and proliferating the marketing term "web3", you are not doing your job.

It’s been a while since an app I work on has been featured in a keynote. Feels good.

Is this the SubEthaEdit everywhere future I was always dreaming?

If everything received via podcast is "a pod", does that mean everything received via broadcast is a broad?

Still don't quite get that basically nobody wears masks indoor anymore, with a pandemic still going on, that causes unknown long term health issues. Ten minutes of covering your face in the supermarket is a real burden somehow?!

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