Having just sat through a discussion of Discovery channel debunking, I think if we could just get the makers of Ancient Aliens to use pronouns a few times most people would quit complaining about people using them immediately.

Also quit playing Shipping Up To Boston when you live above the Mason-Dixon Line.

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Give me $2 beers and a mechanical bull and cheap tacos before you start with that shit.

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When you play the Monster Mash in a bar because people keep playing country music in Boston.

Candyman (2021)


Nice to see a Joy Division reference in a movie too.

Maybe it’s time we considered upgrading to Nate Gold.

Looking forward to the today.

- New version of Rhapsody

- iPad Pro socks

- New AirPods which are just really tiny iPods so you can convince friends they’re in Tom Hanks/Big nightmare

- Yellow Box for Windows 11

- 35th Anniversary Mac (with own van by the river)

Free Guy, a movie about copyright and authorship, filmed in Downtown Boston prior to the pandemic. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

Now I know what a primary is, thanks to my group chat w/@DrewDawg @theurbanologist @ConciergeBoston

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Trying to register to vote in person only to find the office is closed. Seems like something a website could have told me before I took a bus and a subway to get to City Hall.

Football man do something people dislike

Anyone else seeing a lot of film festival related spam from various cities this week?

Men will do almost anything to avoid washing their hands.


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