Still in Paris. Still eating. I’d show you what, but I already ate it.

We installed this gem by @dimitryarov at #xoxo2018 in case attendees needed some light reading . . . or an epiphany about the trade offs we often make online. tweeted by @Firefox

Shamelessly wearing a ‘funky patterned short sleeve button up’.

People in Portland say Thank You when they get off the bus and it's fucking adorable.

It's Saturday, lovely people.

Take all the time you need to recharge and reset. I know, I know, you have important things to do, but you're just as important if not more so.

Make time for you and just you. You're worth it.

‪standing in the kitchen while drinking coffee is one of my favorite past times.‬

Is there an instance dedicated to board games?

Please boost for visibility.

#AskingForAFriend #BoardGames #Games

Friday night = Learning “East of River Shannon” on the Irish flute. Night y’all.

I used to be a firefighter/paramedic and, for a time, did some contracts in . It was a brilliant ‘first career’ and thanks to sit down with the BBCs Mary Halton, you can read a wee bit about it here :

Anyone else have plants in their shower? Two pothos live in ours, find that it helps with that ‘outdoor shower’ feel when one can’t actually be achieved.

when I finally get my hands on a magic leap, tónandi is where I'm headed. 😍

Sometimes I think about my grandparents who lived their entire lives without ever thinking, "that guy just said something terrible to me on the internet."

Some lovely non-tech inspiration re: open + inclusive experience design.

Pretty great to see that there's an XOXO instance, brilliant. 😍 Happy to be here y'all.


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