love to be in that weird nexus of loneliness where I only want to reach out to people who are wildly inconsistent with their affections lmaooo

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anakin you seem stressed out, i got you this I thought it might help you calm down

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honestly razer and skullcandy have the right idea when it comes to designing electronics. I don't want my headphones to have a "fine" or "sleek" aesthetic. I want RGB LEDs and garish color options tyvm. I want you to inject neon purple directly into my veins

feeling weird and melancholic... could my dysphoria and burnout learn 2 take a day off pls, i'm trying to substitute garlic bread for joie de vivre over here

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throwing a gender reseal party for my kid (sealing their gender behind magical wards to prevent it from escaping and terrorizing the villagers)

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It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws.

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okay yes i'm feeling this, mastodon can be my fairly-anonymous place to exorcise weird feels in poetry-adjacent ways :thaenkin: i feel like i can't talk to anyone about this stuff, so hello small gay internet, i'm having a regular struggle with some regular shit

she speaks so softly to other people... i am rough-edged and hard to handle with care

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"Tainted Love," but instead of those two strong chords punctuating it, there's a goose.

Sometimes I feel I've got to~

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my mom: are you gay??
me, pulling out diagrams: to explain this I'm going to need to talk about parallel genders

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I'm sure all the actors and comedians and men in media whose whole persona is "he's SO NICE" are indeed very nice! I also cannot imagine any woman being able to have that be their ~~thing~~ since we're just expected to be nice to survive.

love too feel fucking broken for not being a physically affectionate person

Never thought we'd end up hearing so much about ghost cum but here we are 😂


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The person who just sat down next to me in the theatre at has either doused themself in cologne or insect repellent :drake_dislike: folks, don't do this 🤢

brain so fuzzy from being "on" so much but I don't wanna miss anything at 😩😩😩

had a weed gummy before the Big Meetup Party and I'm a mega dumbass rn. I'm chill but I can't make conversation to save my life haha 😅

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