Bad dream 

I had a bizarre dream about staying in this house with 3 kitchens, one of them on a half tall floor just below ground level.
We walked up the street to the house my partner was staying at. I took a shower in a room like the top of a tower, with no furniture or places to put things. I remember thinking we should get a stool to put your clothes on in the corner. There were two sideways hooks in the mishmash collage of tiles as the staircase rounded the corner. Yeah that's not good enough

Bad dream, scorpions 

Somehow i had brought folded laundry and some of it was my partner's. I went looking for her room and found a dark room but it had some reusable shopping bag labeled something about the Everglades that i recognized. My kitten was running wild around the house. I see a dark shape on the corner of the bed; it's a scorpion. I see two of them in a corner. I try to be brave but I'm screaming and panicking.
I find a shoe and smash two of them in the corner of the walls

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Bad dream, scorpions, cat gets stung 

I hear the kitten crying under the bed. I find him and he's panting in my arms, a bright red welt on his head. I'm hyperventilating. I try to dial my phone but accidentally hang up on the vet. I call back and it's the assistant who loves my kitten most. She asks how my moonbeam is doing. I tell her i have to bring him in, and she says i dunno, we might be too busy today, even on your plan. I cannot believe i didn't get better pet insurance.

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Bad dream, scorpions, cat gets stung 

The vet assistant asks how far away are are and i say it's a 5 minute walk. She asks me why i didn't say so earlier, they can get him fixed up right away.

Somehow a friend of mine is helping me carry the kitten while I'm carrying my TV down the alley back towards our weird house. I can't find the cat carrier to bring him to the vet. I find one that belongs to the house's owner; it's tiny and sparkling like it's made of crystal.

Bad dream, scorpions, cat gets stung 

I go into the basement but can't get into the door. The kitten has followed me down and he's laying on a step that looks like it's sagging, ready to collapse under him. I scoop him up and he struggles away, so unlike him.

Then i wake up.

(The kitten is fine. He's near my feet)

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