Because I’m weird, I’m going to start documenting all the various soap dispensers I encounter. Some of them raise a lot of questions.

This one is on the better side of typical. Close to the sink, full of soap, functional. The only improvement would be if it was touchless.

Another pretty standard one. Also this is at the local VA so technically, we all own this!

Same model but different color way (and this is at another VA, so like...does each facility decide the colors? Different states? I just want to know.)

The Platonic Ideal of soap dispensers — clean, full, and dispenses foamy soap touchlessly.

I encountered one more soap dispenser today but there was another man at the sinks at the same time I was and men’s bathroom etiquette is opaque to me in a lot of ways still, but I’m p sure if I pulled out my phone to take a picture I would be Making It Weird.

@courtney I'd just be grateful the gentleperson was washing their hands at all given the horrors I've seen in there

@microwavenby I’ve developed a very specific “dude REALLY??” cough and facial expression to shame cis men into taking the TWENTY EXTRA SECONDS to wash their hands. It only sometimes works, but. Sometimes!


@courtney i had been polishing my scathing looks my whole life and never got a result in that context..
Frankly i never wanted to be in that set of loos in the first place though; it probably detracted a bit 😅

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