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transition: the hardest i've ever worked to get an F
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Before responding to anyone in this thread with tech advice, please check the person you're replying to has actually asked for it.

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Ikea drawers
Keep the decor calm

Comes in white
Black and brown
Or with wood
Veneer wrapped round

Ohh, buy several Spider-MALMs

Awake in the middle of the night.
It's been a stressful, stupid week.
Feelings are pretty inconvenient.

@aaronpk but being on plane internet is such a reliable excuse for not joining any conference calls

@spideyj @tekniklr I mean in the case of my living room, all the lights are Hue, so.. it's a kindness to my houseguests as well

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@fl You can silence most experts by starting to talk about litestep wistfully and claiming it's BSD :fingerguns:

@spideyj @tekniklr the Hue is very reliable, and the dimmer light switches are very great for spots where you might want the ability to not find your phone. My porch light is on a sunset timer the i never have to fiddle with when seasons or DST changes.

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I am dedicating today to #respecting #women who use #FOSS and don't stan #RMS. You are #respected, #women.

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@tekniklr i like to pretend that that comic is only an echo in the cultural memory from 20 years ago.
I guess I'm saying I'm glad my mom doesn't cut out Dilberts and mail them to me anymore.

@iliana they're garbage bags made out of poly cotton blend

@woob just focus on how you're gonna to disrupt the automobile industry

@charlag ...that sounds great as a feature set for managed software deployment but i have no interest in allowing anywhere near a computer that humans need to use πŸ˜…

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