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@therealraccoon it's buck wild that good, dumb appliances are made almost solely by luxury kitchen brands, making reliable equipment that doesn't surveil you yet another privilege retained by the monied.

@spideyj that is a good haircut and also a good trans light pole

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@gayalien @laurie ok i laughed really hard at this and now i have to explain it to my partner 🀣

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one of my favourite things to do is make jokes about being trans around my cis friends and watching them squirm uncomfortably not knowing if they're supposed to/allowed to laugh or also make a joke

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Male sci-fi authors are banned from writing for 10 years

@wintgenstein yeah.

You can also check something like seatguru to find out about specific plane setups but if there's a way they can legally bilk you of an incidental dollar, i feel like Spirit will be there

@wintgenstein they're literally the worst. My wisearse joke about spirit is if they could get away for charging you for using the loo they would

@dreadpirateyarr he's been known to play tag by attempting to tackle your leg with his whole body weight and then race off
He learned "soft paws" and never scratches - which contrasts the gnawing. He doesn't break skin, but it can still be like petting a fuzzy bear trap
Such a weirdo 🀣

@dreadpirateyarr it is so difficult not to let my kitten do this because he wants it so earnestly.

Panic attack 

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Normalize people changing their name. Cis people too.

People should be in control of how they present themselves to the world whenever possible. The idea that you're stuck with people calling you something you don't like because of a decision someone else made for you is. Pretty crap



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