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"I am never giving up pasta," says Dickinson, clutching the linguini box possessively

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I wrote about my issues using Marshmallow and Python to validate a large JSON document full of timestamps.

tl;dr dateutil.parser is super slow and it ruins the LocalDateTime type

The kitten made a terrible mistake
(I know he wanted to be taken down because he licked my hand when i got him down)

Punch Brothers at the zoo was sublime tonight. Maybe one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

Some gender feels (venting, link embedded) 

The kitten makes it clear what he thinks about board games

This isn't warm, so I've got no idea why the kitten is sitting here

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Your true friends are the ones who install your obscure messenger app just to speak to you

Just home from seeing 1939 Ensemble at Mississippi Studios.
They push me towards the edge of what I'm comfortable with musically, and i enjoy it.

Web design/customer service grump 

It was so kind of Dickinson to assist with the trash. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the cat food i had to throw out because he chewed holes in the bag and then ants got in

@ariana BEEEEEEEESSSSS 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Got my copy of Root on the table again and it's really looking like a solid game

Played the Vagabond Tinker and I'm looking forward to getting the expansion punched for next time!

Proof I signed up for @write_as : My first blog post in .. seriously, is it like 15 years since I had a livejournal?

Courier Coffee is the most Portland of all Portland Coffee Shops.

Like, they started making homemade granola bars because someone gave them a trash bag full of cherries once, and they deliver coffee roasted in a garage on SE Hawthorne by bicycle and spin vinyl and for ages their cash drawer was a clipboard they'd just clip bills to.

Today, they had a pop-up Japanese shave ice stand inside the shop, powered by a Kakigori machine they hauled back from Tokyo as checked luggage.

I'm a software engineer, specializing in API design and architecture. Plenty of experience in backend engineering, database administration, and DevOps-y stuff.

I will post a thousand pictures of my 10 month old kitten, aka "Emily Dickinson, Business Kitten". He is adorable and a scoundrel and too smart for his own good.

I love woodworking, and would love to build another ukulele in my basement.

I'm nonbinary. Please use they/them or ey/em when talking about me.

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