I get the feeling that a lot of the folks talking about retrofitting older apartments for greater efficiency have never lived in a building managed by strata

we'll get a way to charge cars and install solar panels and batteries about the same time they install bike racks (2057)

AGM minutes for meeting in 2046 entirely devoted to the placement of an external air-conditioning unit installed in 2015

email sent to all tenants "due to the management committee failing to reach an agreement on the carpet colour in common areas, we've deferred all non essential building repairs until this is resolved. note that roofing repairs count as non essential unless someone dies"

@mil interesting implications for whether it might be easier in an apartment in a build-to-rent complex. Single landlord means if they are obligated to do a thing, they don’t have to then get the body corporate to approve the thing getting done.

@emmadavidson I suspect this is the case, but also that by their nature these buildings are also built in the last ten years and already substantially better than older stock?

@emmadavidson hah, I mean even so it's probs not going to be choc full of asbestos and -5 in winter

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